Peer Review Process

Scientific manuscripts submitted for consideration by the BJCR will be blindlyand evaluated by at least two reviewers external to the editorial members of the BJCR (Double blind peer review), selected by specialty and/or expertise on the topic proposed in the study.

Opinions from evaluators with a conflict of interest with the study or team of authors that may influence their power of scientific decision will not be accepted. Reviewers must decide if they are not able to evaluate the study if there is a conflict of interest with that research.

A period of 10 consecutive days is suggested for the issuance of the opinion by the invited referee. If the reviewers extend the period for evaluating the manuscript, the Editor-in-Chief will contact you and, if necessary, replace you in order to speed up the editorial process.

The opinions issued by the reviewers will be considered by the editor-in-chief of the BJCR. Subsequently, the final decision will be made available to the authors of the article in order to proceed with the editorial process of the manuscript.