Chronic meningitis by Cryptococcosis gatti in an immunocompetent patient: a case report

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Bruno Pereira Conte
Fabio Lopes Pedro
Roberta Letsch da Silveira
Jerusa Marquardt Corazza


This paper aims to present an unusual case of neurocryptococcosis in an immunocompetent patient. As the previous literature proposes, the diagnosis is usually not evident and there is a delay in the cases resolution due to the symptoms being nonspecific, the tests being very sensitive, as well as the unusual neurological condition of fungal origin in a patient with no evidence of immunodeficiency. The history of alcoholism and the diagnosis of long-term type 2 diabetes raises the hypothesis that the patient had immunosuppression events. The diagnosis was made through hospital support in conjunction with a multidisciplinary team. Discussing the present case helps to elucidate the possible diagnoses involved in chronic meningitis, especially in fungal meningitis.

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Pereira Conte, B., Lopes Pedro, F., Letsch da Silveira, R., & Marquardt Corazza, J. (2023). Chronic meningitis by Cryptococcosis gatti in an immunocompetent patient: a case report. Brazilian Journal of Case Reports, 4(1), 8–15.
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Bruno Pereira Conte, Universidade Franciscana

Estudante de Medicina - UFN

Bacharel e mestre em Administração - UFSM


Doutor em Epidemiologia - UFRGS

Professor infectologia - UFSM


Médica residente em infectologia - HUSM/UFSM


Médica Residente - HUSM/UFSM


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